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Your health is clearly #1.

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    Video Editor

    🎥 Passion for editing? Are you skilled with Premiere Pro? Do you have an eye for stylish edits? At Clearly, a fresh Dutch health brand, we are looking for a Video Editor who can bring our stories to life visually.

    As our Video Editor, you will be comfortable working from home (or wherever you feel most creative) and play a crucial role in how we visually share our mission. You determine when you work - ideal if you have other passions or work best during unconventional hours.

    At Clearly, we strive for clarity and quality in the health industry. Your contribution? Capturing and editing those stories and moments to resonate with thousands.

    • 🕊️ Flexible: Work when you want, anytime between 00:00 and 23:59
    • 👨🏽‍🎨 Creative freedom: You have (partial) control over how the final product looks - as long as it's beautiful ;)
    • 🏡 Remote work: Easily combine it with your studies, family, pet, or anything else
    • 🎬 High-quality productions: Contribute to projects that truly matter.

    💪🏽 What will you do?

    • Editing engaging videos using Adobe Premiere Pro
    • Collaborating with our team to bring concepts to life
    • Color correction, sound editing, and more to perfect our videos
    • Ensuring a consistent style that aligns with the Clearly brand

    🥇 What you'll get from Clearly:

    • A competitive salary
    • Creative freedom and respect for your craftsmanship
    • The opportunity to make your mark on a growing and innovative brand

    What we'd like to see in you:

    • Proven expertise with Adobe Premiere Pro
    • An eye (and ear!) for detail
    • Fluent in spoken and written Dutch
    • A team player, but also able to work independently
    • Pride in your work and a desire to always learn and grow

    At Clearly, we believe in the power of stories. As our Video Editor, you will not only help us tell our story, but also the story of thousands who believe in a healthier future.

    Do you feel the connection? We are excited to see your work!

    P.s. Just like with all our roles at Clearly, we are looking for someone who is fully committed. Show us your passion for video editing and who knows what the future holds!

    Your health is clearly #1. 💙

    Daantje 🍀


    Customer Service Champion - Currently not needed.

    🔆 Do you always (or often) have a smile on your face and want to make others smile too? Then we're looking for you! At Clearly, a fresh Dutch health brand, we're looking for a Customer Service Champion. Someone who simply works hard to make our customers happy.

    As our Customer Service Champion, you'll be working comfortably from home and making our customers a little healthier and happier every day. You decide when you work, which is super handy if you're also studying, have a family, or are just really busy.

    At Clearly, we're working to make the health industry a little better - fairer, clearer, brighter, and always with the health of our customers at the forefront. And we think you can help with that.

    • 🕊️ Flexible: Work when you want, somewhere between 12:00 AM and 11:59 PM
    • 🏡 Remote work: Easily combine it with your studies, family or pet, or something else
    • ☝🏽 Customer-oriented work: You get to make the difference for our customers

    💪🏽 What will you do?

    • Make our customers happy by helping them with their orders, deliveries, and whatever else is needed to make the customer happy! :-)
    • Ensure a positive experience for our customers by answering questions quickly and solving problems
    • Keep track of conversations with customers, if necessary
    • Type and click for 1 to 2 hours every day (and more later) to make our customers happy

    🥇 What you'll get from Clearly:

    • A good salary
    • A dynamic and supportive working environment
    • The opportunity to directly impact the lives of thousands of customers

    What we'd like to see in you:

    • Interest in health and fitness
    • Experience in a customer-oriented role
    • You're good at problem-solving and always friendly
    • You speak and write perfect Dutch and English
    • You're always willing to learn and develop yourself

    At Clearly, we believe that you're the one who counts. That's why we offer a supportive working environment and great (online) colleagues, so you can become the #1 version of yourself and help our customers do the same.

    Are you ready to fight with us for clarity in the health industry?

    We can't wait to hear from you!

    P.S. Although we love the freedom and flexibility of this position, we're not looking for a digital nomad-like slacker. We're looking for someone who really wants to go for it and is serious about this role. Who knows where a job at Clearly could take you in the future... ;)

    Send us a message with your motivation via: or our contact form.

    Your health is clearly #1. 💙